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Knomarks Divot Repair Tool

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Knomarks Divot Repair Tool

Quick Overview

The Kno-Marks Ball Mark Repair Tool:  Easy to Use , Weighs only 3lbs, no bending or kneeling, large padded handle,  little to no maintenance, stainless steel construction.

The Kno-Marks Ball Mark Repair Tool makes cleaning up ball marks easier and faster then ever.
With a strong patented aluminum housing and large padded handled, it's very easy to use. The Kno-Marks uses it stainless steel center shaft, bolts, springs and fingers to "pull" the soil back into it's original shape, leaving your green ball mark free. (see video on home page). 
Properly Repairing Ball Marks with the Kno-Marks Ball Mark Repair Tool:
To properly repair a ball mark the soil and roots should be returned as close as possible to their original position. Obviously this requires returning more soil from the bottom upward while the perimeter area is moved inward.
The Kno-Marks tool has been designed with these goals in mind, yet operates with a simple single downward motion.
When placed over a ball mark the Kno-Marks will first penetrate it's 5 stainless steel fingers straight into the soil to a pre-determined depth. The the dual action cam will cause the fingers to pivot inward forcing the soil back to where it belongs.
As the handle is lifted the cam releases the fingers which return back into the housing leaving a small bump which should be gently stepped down.

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